Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sixty Six Word Stories

So I've been flipping through my notebook, looking for a little inspiration for something new, and I found this collection of Six Word Stories I wrote during a 3-day trip a couple of months ago.  I think my goal was to try to write 100 of them, but I didn't make it quite that far.

Anyway, I'm gathering them all here for your amusement and to see if anything strikes me as being worth turning into a longer story.

  1. "I love you," she said.


  2. "It will cure what ails you."

  3. Once he died, she stopped crying.

  4. "Don't go."

    "You can't stop me."

  5. "I'll be dancing on your grave."

  6. So she hunted her entire life.

  7. "You wanted to!"

    "But I didn't."

  8. They tried to smother my light.

  9. "Don't you give me that attitude!"

  10. "Stop looking at me that way."

  11. His lips fit.  A perfect match.

  12. Their hands were like puzzle pieces.

  13. I want you to know me.

  14. "Drive," she begged.  "Take me anywhere."

  15. She could run, but she stayed.

  16. Tangle me up in nervous knots.

  17. She chose family over everything else.

  18. She chose one thing over family.

  19. They never once believed in her.

  20. Yes.  He hurt her every time.

  21. "You'll fail."

    Tragically, he believed it.

  22. I just want to try this.

  23. He tasted like honey.  And freedom.

  24. It used to be my favorite.

  25. So he came back every day.

  26. "You should sleep in my bed."

  27. Why did she find that sexy?

  28. He just couldn't help imagining it.

  29. "So are you planning to—"


  30. She could help.  But she didn't.

  31. She chose to live, not survive.

  32. "I'm going to leave one day."

  33. "You'll miss me when I'm gone."

  34. "When's the last time she smiled?"

  35. "I'm opening the whiskey."

    "Cheers, friend."

  36. "Pick your poison."

    "Bottoms-up, then?"

  37. We'll always remember the real man.

  38. "Bury him in a shallow grave."

  39. 'Almost' was her least favorite word.

  40. "Does it—"



    "Not really."

  41. "You're not going to lose me."

  42. "I almost loved you, you know."

  43. There was no choice to make.

  44. "Clean yourself up."

    "Like you care."

  45. No one will ever find me.

  46. "Do I die at the end?"

  47. "Was that too—"




  48. "Explain it one more time."

  49. "Dance with me, just once more."

  50. "Dance with me."

    "Just once more."

  51. "Is that a—"

    "Ring?  Oh, yeah."

  52. She waited.  She would keep waiting.

  53. I was going to be brilliant.

  54.  "I want you.  Here and now."

  55. "Kiss me like you mean it."

  56. "I'll fight you tooth and nail."

  57. I had a dream like this….

  58. Stop me if I'm scaring you.

  59. "Don't stop."


    "Just don't stop!"

  60. Pride was all she'd ever wanted.

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